From the front and sides, our hollow channel stainless address numbers [and letters] are visually indistinguishable from solid stainless.

And, because they're such a tall cool drink of chromium, nickel & molybdenum (try saying that 3 times fast)- they'll be visually distinguishable from every other set of address numbers on your street (unless your neighbors shop here too, which - we're happy to say - happens all the time. Thanks for all the word of mouth support by the way!).

See the two main stainless finishes (Satin or Polished) on the right. On the left, the number 2 is executed in our Satin finish. (FYI: The font is NeoMetro2 at 4 inches high and 1 inch deep)


All orders come with installation hardware (3 inch threaded studs with spacer tubes to float the numbers out a half inch from the wall) and a full scale drilling template for secure blind¹ fastening

1 no screws or hardware visible on the front or edges of the numbers

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